Global Reach consultancies have experience working with companies throughout the world – from innovative start-ups to leading global organizations.

We develop and deliver corporate campaigns in line with your business objectives, establishing a strong footprint for your brand across each region.

Here are just some of the companies that we have worked with.

Aruba Networks

Campaign: Global Reach has worked alongside Aruba Networks from the start, helping to move the company from an innovative start-up to a leading global Wi-Fi brand, establishing Aruba as one of the biggest names in networking.

Regions: UK, France, Germany, Austria and Switzerland

Digital Element

Campaign: Global Reach has worked with Digital Element to establish its IP intelligence and geolocation technology as the most respected and most comprehensive solution in the industry across Europe and the US.

Regions: UK and US


Campaign: Global Reach worked with Dilithium, the mobile video expert, to develop campaigns that both raised the company's profile and drove demand for mobile video services throughout Europe and Asia.

Regions: UK, France, Germany, Italy, Spain and Asia-Pac


Campaign: Global Reach was appointed to increase brand awareness of Equinix, which had just entered the European market. The campaign, which combined aggressive issues development with efforts to demonstrate how the world’s most demanding companies rely on Equinix to underpin their online operations strengthened its position as the leading provider of global data centre services.

Regions: UK, France, Germany, Switzerland and The Netherlands


Campaign: Global Reach successfully launched Force10 Networks into a saturated European market, significantly raising its profile and establishing the company as a leader in 10 gigabit networking.

Regions: UK, Germany and Spain

Foundry Networks

Campaign: Global Reach was instrumental in establishing Foundry Networks as the leader in Gigabit Ethernet across Europe, dramatically raising its profile in the industry.

Regions: UK, France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy and Benelux


Campaign: Global Reach worked closely with Infinera to provide strategic counsel and localized messaging for the company's revolutionary but complex digital optical networking technology.

Regions: UK, France, Germany and Italy

Juniper Networks

Campaign: Global Reach introduced Juniper Networks to the European market, working closely with the company to refine and localize its messaging, helping to turn a technology-focused start-up into a global success story.

Regions: UK, France, Germany, Austria and Switzerland


Campaign: To help establish a strong footprint in both the US and Europe, Kony employed Global Reach to boost its brand across the regions by generating awareness of multi-channel mobile strategies.

Regions: UK and US


Campaign: Global Reach worked with MatrixOne to develop a customer pipeline program throughout Europe, not only increasing its visibility in local markets, but also significantly improving communications between the US headquarters and EMEA sales offices

Regions: UK, France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, Italy and Benelux


Campaign: Global Reach launched Mirapoint into the European market space in 1999 and built the company into a leader in the messaging industry through successful media and analyst campaigns.

Regions: UK, France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Asia-Pac


Campaign: Global Reach worked with Packeteer from 1998 to build the company's brand in Europe as a leader in WAN application delivery and helping the company to localize messaging and outreach within its core European and Asia-Pac markets.

Regions: UK, France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Asia-Pac

PGP Corporation

Campaign: The issues development campaigns that Global Reach developed with PGP Corporation were instrumental in helping the company become a thought leader and global brand in enterprise data protection

Regions: UK, Germany, Austria and Switzerland

RGB Networks

Campaign: To help establish RGB Networks as the preeminent provider of TV Everywhere/multi-screen solutions, the company hired Global Reach to execute a comprehensive media and analyst relations program across the US, Europe and Asia.

Regions: UK, US and Asia

Ruckus Wireless

Campaign: Global Reach has taken a great idea from Ruckus video over Wi-Fi and run with it, turning an initially skeptical audience into educated advocates of the technology.

Regions: UK, France, Germany, Italy and Belgium


Campaign: Global Reach has been an integral part of the Sophos marketing team since 1999. Our issues development work in particular has made a major contribution to establishing the company as a global security brand.

Regions: UK and US


Campaign: Global Reach began working with Spendvision in early 2010, with the aim of generating brand awareness in the company's key territories. The multi-faceted campaign keeps Spendvision at the forefron of industry issues, raising its profile and cementing its position as the leading provider of total transaction management solutions.

Regions: UK, US and Asia-Pac


Campaign: Global Reach implemented an ongoing issues development campaign, complemented by an extensive reviews programme, to position U3 as a leader in the USB/smart drive market space.

Regions: UK, France and Germany